The City of East St. Louis inspects building construction and land development projects including  grading, driveway and sidewalk construction, and landscaping.  All new construction must be inspected by the City of East St. Louis before a Certificate of Occupancy can be obtained from the Department of Regulatory Affairs.

Required Inspections

The following are required inspections for new buildings (additions, renovations, alterations):

    • The following are required inspections for new buildings (additions, renovations, alterations):
    • Footing Inspection – Bottom to trench – prior to the pouring of concrete
    • Foundation Inspection – prior to the placement of backfill
    • Slab Inspection – prior to the placement of concrete
    • Electrical Rough Wiring
    • Plumbing Rough Installation
    • Framing Inspection – After passing Electrical, Plumbing roughs and before insulation
    • Insulation Inspection – prior to the installation of gypsum board
    • Final Electric
    • Final Building, Electric, Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing Inspections
    • All site work, including grading and landscaping
    • All utility work on site
    • All off site utility work
    • Water and Sewer line installations and taps
    • Driveway and parking lots, including striping where applicable

Other inspections may be required depending on the scope of the project.   Contact Regulatory Affairs if you have any questions.

Inspection Requests

To request a city inspection, call 618-482-6826 or email   Please allow 24 hours for inspection.  Your request must include:

  • Address
  • Name and Type of Inspection requested
  • Permit Number

 Call when work is done; do not anticipate.  If your inspection is not approved, do not call for a re-inspection until the problems are repaired and the work is ready for re-inspection.   If your inspection is not approved a second time for the same violation, you will receive a Violation Note. Your next inspection will be 3 business days after your request.  If the third inspection does not pass, you will have to pay again.  All Electrical Inspections should be done by a licensed Electrician.