Major Improvements

The following are areas of improvement that were implemented in the Treasurer's Office during the recent tenure of Treasurer Charlotte Moore:

1. Evidence of required bonding
2. Timely filing of Treasurer Monthly / Annual Reports
3. Enhanced Daily Cash Receipts Reconciliation Documentation
4. Revision of the 2013 Cash Management Plan (not updated in previous 3 years)
5. Elimination of Bank Service Fees
6. Enhanced Returned Check Collection Policy
7. Elimination of the redeposit of returned checks
8. Increase in fees of returned checks
9. Implementation of procedures to improve the timeliness and accuracy of cash receipt entries
10. Implementation of procedures regarding the processing of wires for payroll and disbursements
11. Opening of a Parking Meter Revenue bank account to allow revenue to be directly deposited upon collection.
12. Implementation of acceptance of payment cards
13. Elimination of Outdated Reconciliation Items from 2012-2015 (Checks and Wire Transfers)
14. Elimination of Dormant and Unused Bank Accounts
15. Consolidation of Bank Accounts
16. Rebuilding City's Investment Portfolio
17. Redirection of State Fund Deposits ($1,749,444.32)
18. Re-establishing Relationships with Local Banks
19. Acquiring Disposal Certificates to Destroy Multiple Years of Outdated Records in the Vault
20. Updated Certified Investment Policy (Treasurer Moore Established in 1997)
21. Cleared All Outdated Checks from Safe
22. Replenished Empty Cash Boxes
23. Closing of Bonds and Recovering City's Funds ($1,239,426.06)
24. Significant Saving by Assembling Volunteers for Help (Over $4,000.00)
25. Continuous Work with both MFT and External Auditors to Expedite Previously Un-audited Years (2013-2015)
26. Updated Internal Controls of Cashier Cage
27. Implementing a Check Acceptance System in order to eliminate returned checks
28. Eliminated Excess Phone Lines in December 2015