What is the hiring process for City of East St. Louis employees?

When a vacancy occurs, or a new position is approved, an Opportunity Notice listing both the duties of the position and the qualifications for consideration is posted outside the Personnel Department. The recruitment is mentioned in the weekly East St. Louis Monitor. In addition, most positions are advertised in the Help Wanted section of the Belleville News Democrat. In some cases Monster or Career Builder or professional journals and membership lists are also used.

After the deadline for each recruitment, applications are processed and reviewed and the most qualified candidates are called for interviews. Interviews are conducted with the position’s immediate Supervisor and/or the Department Director and a member from the Personnel Department. The Personnel Department then performs reference checks on all candidates prior to the offer of employment being made. Standard criminal conviction checks and driving record checks (where relevant) are also conducted. All candidates are notified in writing as to the outcome of their applications.

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1. What is the hiring process for City of East St. Louis employees?
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