Firefighting / Hazard Mitigation Division


The Firefighting/Hazard Mitigation Division is charged with actual firefighting responsibilities, while also responding to hazardous spills, leaks, and auto extrications. It operates on a 24-hour schedule, from 4 strategically located firehouses. These firefighting services help to protect the City’s tax base by providing emergency fire response to its commercial, industrial and residential structures. The division is also a component that maintains the City’s fire insurance (ISO) rating of 5. Staffing should increase to meet current NFPA 1710 Standards for staffing guidelines and the FY2006 collective bargaining agreement.


While this division is composed of 18 Captains, 18 Lieutenants, and 18 Firefighters, NFPA 1710 suggests that there should be at least 20 Captains, 22 Lieutenants, and 24 Firefighters based on task analysis of our fire service responsibilities and operational procedures. Currently the department has 18 Captains, 18 Lieutenants, and 17 Firefighters.